Ultima Nashua Industrial machine Corp. ( ULTIMA NIMCO) is a Contract Design and Manufacturing Company specializing in designing and constructing industrial machines and robots. Having some of the largest capacity of machining, metal fabrication and large capacity welding services it has a unique potential in this field in North America..


Established in 1950 as “NIMCO” by late Lester Gidge a genius machinist within 30 years it became the largest private machine shop in New England. Then 1998 when running the business part became troublesome and headache he approached one of his clients Dr. Kia (the Canadian machine architect professor) and owner of Ultima Technologies to buy the company so he can focus on developing and building machines for Dr. Kia projects. (Ultima NIMCO) adding newer robotic machines and titanium welding, continue to be one of the largest machine design and manufacturing shops in North America known for innovative industrial solutions. Having served many major industries including NASA Aerospace and Hubble program and serving, US, Canada and Europe, Our mission is to provide Quality, On Time, Efficient and Profitable Large Capacity machining services, that exceed our customer’s expectations.